Joyce for Senate in 4th District Sun endorsements: Elliott has earned another shot for House seat in 4B

in Senate, Ferguson hasn't.

August 12, 1998

TWO Republican incumbents who face opponents in the Sept. 15 primary share a basic conservatism, but they differ in their legislative effectiveness.

Donald B. Elliott, a pharmacist from New Windsor, has served three terms in the Maryland House of Delegates from District 4B.

He is the senior member of Carroll County's delegation. Mr. Elliott has faithfully represented the conservative, agricultural outlook of his constituents on both sides of the Carroll-Frederick border.

His opposition to programs of the governor and the Democratic legislative majority has been frequent. But he served on the panel that crafted farm-related water pollution legislation.

Roy Pfeiffer, a livestock farmer from Union Bridge, is making his second run for the single House seat in 4B, after failing as the Democratic nominee in 1994.

He claims to be more conservative than Mr. Elliott, which should raise eyebrows. The incumbent's seniority and knowledge of the legislature will better serve the interests of the district.

The state Senate Republican primary pits one-term incumbent Timothy R. Ferguson, an engineering consultant, against Jerome Joyce, an assistant state's attorney for Carroll County and, formerly, for Washington County.

Outspoken and often contentious, Mr. Ferguson has delighted in hair-trigger political criticism. He is an ineffective legislator and is not well-regarded by his colleagues.

Mr. Joyce is a thoughtful, intelligent, low-key Republican, though not a strong campaigner.

L He opposes excessive government interference and regulation.

This is his third race. He finished third in the 1990 Republican primary for delegate and withdrew in 1994, but he has become more politically seasoned in the process.

The Sun endorses Mr. Joyce for senator in District 4 and Mr. Elliott for delegate in the Republican primary for 4B. The district has no contested primary on the Democratic side.

Tomorrow: Legislative District 5.

Pub Date: 8/12/98

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