"I think 'The Dragons of Blueland' is spectacular. I like...

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August 12, 1998

"I think 'The Dragons of Blueland' is spectacular. I like the illustrations because they show all of the dragons in the family. My favorite part was when there was a storm and the dragon fell in the water. The dragon and the boy go on a trip. The main characters were the boy and the dragon. The dragon flies the boy back home."

- Adrianna Gregory, Hammond Elementary

"'George's Marvelous Medicine' by Roald Dahl is a humorous book. I think it is humorous because it is about a kid named George whose grandmother is mean. He wants to make a medicine to make her nice. This is why I like this book."

- Chris Chase, Hampton Elementary

" 'The Old Man and the Sea,' by Ernest Hemingway, is one of my favorite books. The old man, Santiago, had been out at sea 84 days. He still had not caught a fish. Instead of giving up, he kept on trying. Finally, he caught a fish. It is a huge marlin. The fish pulled the boat way out into the sea. The old man had to struggle for several days before he got back to land. This book teaches us about bravery and not giving up when things are difficult. I really enjoyed reading this book."

- Ruth-Ann Christie, Bryn Mawr School

Pub Date: 8/12/98

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