Get serious, O's, or Palmeiro will walk

August 10, 1998|By John Eisenberg

Opinion: The Orioles will have to do a whole lot better than three years and $21 million if they want to re-sign Rafael Palmeiro. That's not anywhere close to a serious offer.

Fact: Jeffrey Hammonds has reached 300 at-bats only once in his major-league career (and probably won't get there this year, either).

Opinion: You can no longer blame the Orioles for running out of patience and looking to deal Hammonds.

Fact: Asked after the Ravens' victory on Saturday night if he agreed with owner Art Modell's assessment that the new stadium was worth three points to the Ravens, coach Ted Marchibroda smiled and said, "I always agree [with Modell]."

Opinion: Errict Rhett will beat out Jay Graham and become the Ravens' starting tailback. Marchibroda likes veterans.

Fact: Marchibroda has won seven of 11 season openers as a head coach. Steelers coach Bill Cowher is 2-4.

Opinion: Maybe it's me, but a 24-game hitting streak seemed kind of puny for the Orioles' franchise record, which Eric Davis broke yesterday.

Fact: Only 10 of the 29 other NFL teams have tougher schedules than the Ravens this season (based on their opponents' 1997 records), but division-mates Pittsburgh, Jacksonville and Cincinnati are three of the 10.

Opinion: A 1-2 start for the Ravens will be just fine, thank you, considering how tough the games are (here against the Steelers, at the Jets, at the Jaguars).

Fact: The Yankees have led in every game they have played since June 28. Haven't won 'em all, but had the lead at least once. Incredible.

Opinion: If Mike Piazza's contract falls into the $40-50 million range, which seems more possible as his struggles continue in New York, the Orioles will get serious about pursuing him in the off-season.

Fact: Juan Guzman has made six trips to the disabled list since 1992.

Opinion: The only downside of the Orioles' trade for Guzman is the higher-than-average possibility of "oh, he felt a twinge "

Fact: This isn't a summer to remember for trainer Bob Baffert. His three top horses (Silver Charm, Real Quiet and Indian Charlie) have all suffered major injuries in the past month.

Opinion: The Seattle Mariners could use a new front office.

Fact: Mark O'Meara has won as many major golf titles in the past four months as Greg Norman has won in his entire career.

Opinion: Andre Agassi is my pick to win the U.S. Open next month.

Fact: The Marlins' payroll is down to a ridiculous $6 million, which is not far from the lowest possible payroll of 25 players at the major-league minimum of $170,000.

BTC Opinion: The more Mark McGwire gets worked up and grumpy about all the attention he's getting, the less likely he is to break Roger Maris' record.

Fact: Last season, the NBA's 29 teams paid their players a total of $1 billion in salaries, an average of just more than $2.5 million a player.

Opinion: Again, maybe it's me, but I'm having a hard time envisioning NBA stars Kevin Garnett and Allen Iverson as loyal union soldiers.

Fact: Notre Dame football coach Bob Davie testified that he "hated and despised" former coach Lou Holtz's coaching methods during a recent age-discrimination trial involving a former assistant to Holtz.

Opinion: Gov. Parris N. Glendening isn't wrong when he suggests that a new racetrack would cure racing's woes in Maryland. It would. But slots profits, not state funding, is the way to pay for it.

Fact: "Now I know what rock stars feel like," Randy Johnson said after hearing shrieks before, during and after throwing a shutout in his Houston debut eight days ago.

Opinion: The Astros are a lot better with Johnson and the Padres are a lot better with Randy Myers, but the Braves are still going to win the National League pennant.

Fact: Myers, who once said he only wanted to pitch in the ninth inning, is now Trevor Hoffman's setup man in San Diego.

Opinion: The Orioles have no shot at catching the Red Sox if Scott Erickson doesn't get his act back together soon.

Fact: The Red Sox are 34-14 when Pedro Martinez and Tim Wakefield start, roughly a .500 team otherwise.

Opinion: Now that we seem to have survived the running of the World Basketball Championships without NBA stars, let's all chant together: "No more Dream Teams, no more Dream Teams"

Pub Date: 8/10/98

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