U.S. judge dismisses suit by police union, Arundel officers


August 09, 1998

A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit by the Fraternal Order of Police, five police officers and one retired officer seeking to overturn a 1996 change in the Anne Arundel County pension law limiting cost-of-living increases that could be added to their benefits.

Judge Andre M. Davis in U.S. District Court in Baltimore dismissed the suit last week but left open the possibility the plaintiffs could challenge the law in state court. The officers sued stop the county from enacting the law in December 1996.

The 1996 bill, effective in February 1997, will save the county an estimated $3 million a year in pension payments by limiting cost-of-living increases in benefits to 60 percent of the increase in the Consumer Price Index, down from 100 percent. Because the law did not affect benefits accumulated to February 1997, the change did not violate the police union contract, according to Davis' 10-page ruling.

Pub Date: 8/09/98

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