"I like the book 'A Mouse Called Wolf' by Dick King-Smith...

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August 09, 1998

"I like the book 'A Mouse Called Wolf' by Dick King-Smith because a little woman named Mrs. Honeybee fed a mouse if he would sing. It was hilarious when a cat chased the mouse around the house. Mrs. Honeybee hurt her leg on her bed. The mouse rescued her by calling 911 and sang."

- Ron Rider,

Jacksonville Elementary

"My favorite book is 'Corduroy' by Don Freeman. I like this book because it has kindness, and Corduroy is cute and Lisa was kind too because she sewed him a new button. And when Corduroy got in Lisa's house he had a bed and a friend."

- Tanesha McElveen,

Woodhome Elementary

"One of my favorite books is 'Where the Red Fern Grows' by Wilson Rawls. A boy wants two hound dogs and when he finally gets them, he names them Little Ann and Old Dan. I liked this book because it is very exciting when the two dogs were on the trail of a ring-tailed coon. It is also very sad when Old Dan and Little Ann die and a red fern grows between them."

- Amanda Cohen,

Davidsonville Elementary School

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Pub Date: 8/09/98

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