Maryland offers few avenues for property tax relief


August 09, 1998

Dear Mr. Azrael:

When we were living in Amherst, N.Y., (a suburb of Buffalo) we took advantage of a local statute that allowed Vietnam-era veterans to be exempt from a percentage of property taxes.

Is there any similar statute for Baltimore City?

Hadley Garbart


Dear Mr. Garbart:

There is no similar tax exemption in Baltimore City or anywhere else in Maryland. Property tax relief for individuals exists in limited situations, all of which apply statewide.

Here are some examples:

* Homeowners Tax Credit: Eligibility for this tax credit depends on gross household income each year. The dwelling must be used as the principal residence of the taxpayer, or his or her family in case of divorce or separation.

The taxpayer's net worth, exclusive of the value of the residence, must not exceed $200,000. The taxpayer must have a legal interest in the property.

* Blind individuals: The legal residence owned by a blind person or surviving spouse is exempt from property tax to the extent of $6,000 of its assessment.

* Disabled veterans: The legal residence owned by a 100 percent permanently disabled veteran or surviving spouse is fully exempt from property tax.

Other property tax exemptions apply to property owned by nonprofit organizations and used exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

To claim any of the property tax exemptions, the taxpayer must complete and submit an application form. These forms can be obtained from the property tax office in any county or Baltimore City.


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Pub Date: 8/09/98

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