The 'Almanack' looks at the coming winter

August 08, 1998

On Feb. 12, 1983, the mid-Atlantic states were hit with a bruising winter storm. Some areas were covered with more than 30 inches of snow. For Bill O'Toole, prognosticator for The Hagers-Town Town and Country Almanack, it was his finest day. He had predicted the storm, to the day, the previous summer.

A decade later, he received attention from media all over the country for predicting the fierce winter storms of 1993-1994. His predictions for the winter of 1998-1999:

92 cold days, 59 wet days, 16 cyclonic storms (which last three days).

Average snowfall (about 38 inches).

Storms on Nov. 10-12, 14-16, 26-28 and 30; Dec. 2, 7-10, 14-15 and 26-28; Jan. 9-12; 17-20, 24-27 and 31; Feb. 2, 14-15, 18-20, 23-26; and March 5-7 and 13-16.

Below-average temperatures in November and January.

Above-average precipitation in November, January and February.

Pub Date: 8/08/98

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