An article in The Sun on June 18 regarding the possible...

August 07, 1998

An article in The Sun on June 18 regarding the possible prosecution of Linda R. Tripp on a charge of violating Maryland's wiretapping law contained this sentence: "Tripp's lawyers have maintained that she was unaware of the wiretap law at the time she taped her former friend." (The Maryland statute requires that both parties be aware that a telephone conversation is being taped.)

While Tripp's former attorney, James Moody, acknowledged that Tripp had taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky, her current attorneys, Anthony J. Zaccagnini and Joe Murtha, have not acknowledged that Tripp taped Lewinsky. Further, while Zaccagnini and Murtha have discussed the possible prosecution Tripp, they have not commented explicitly on Tripp's knowledge of the Maryland statute.

Pub Date: 8/07/98

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