Getting ready for school Read-aloud Tips

August 05, 1998|By From staff reports

Is your youngster going to school in September? Here are ways you can help your child get ready to read:

* Teach your child to become familiar with the letters in her own name.

* Capitalize on any other word your child recognizes, such as a cereal name or a soft drink brand, and teach the letters used in the label.

* Teach the ABC Song while pointing to the letters in a book or on a chart.

* Use the alphabet books available.

* Note likenesses in the sounds of words; for example:

- Tell your child a word. Have her choose other words that have the same beginning sound.

- Read nursery rhymes that your child can complete, such as: "Hickory, Dickory, Dock/The mouse ran up the ``."

Pub date: 8/05/98

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