"I think 'The Meanest Thing to Say' by Bill Cosby was...


August 05, 1998

"I think 'The Meanest Thing to Say' by Bill Cosby was marvelous. Everybody was little Bill's friend and then this new kid came and his name was Michael Reilly. He made up this game where you call someone a bad name. When Bill ignored him, Michael Reilly got bored and felt bad. Then Michael and Bill became friends."

Ryan R. Williams,

Church Lane Elementary

"Before you go on vacation you have to read 'Don't Forget to Write' by Martina Selway. A girl doesn't like visiting her grandpa and grandma's farm. The whole book is letters she writes to her mom. It has a happy ending."

Laura Doherty,

Hampton Elementary

"I liked the book 'Clifford and the Big Storm' by Norman Bridwell, because Clifford, who is a big red dog, is a real hero. He belongs to a little girl named Emily Elizabeth. Her grandmother's seashore house is almost washed away by a big storm. Clifford thinks and acts fast and saves the house along with two little puppies."

Luke Trout,

Youth's Benefit Elementary

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Pub date: 8/05/98

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