Cannon makes a poor gateway for TaneytownPlease allow me...


August 02, 1998

Cannon makes a poor gateway for Taneytown

Please allow me to openly oppose the placing of a cannon in the roundabout at the entrance to Taneytown. There are those who believe that a cannon can be an appropriate symbol of fighting for truth and justice.

I do not agree.

To me, a cannon is a symbol of violence and death, entities with which our children are already deluged in both the news and entertainment fields. They should have something better.

Returning from the South Pacific in World War II in which I was an Army medical corps conscientious objector, I thought that we were returning to a land of peace and stability.

The error in this must be obvious to all. We have sent our youth forward to kill and be killed in Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf and participated in "covert" activities only vaguely described in the news media.

It is my opinion that such wars and activities are in some measure responsible for the moral decline rotting our country from the inside.

I am fearful for our children, grandchildren and other generations to follow.

I am 80 years old and recall that Einstein suggested that we older people should be more active in the peace process because we have less to lose than the young. This writing represents my attempt.

If some monument should be placed in the Taneytown roundabout, may I suggest the planting of a beautiful blue spruce, approved with safety in mind by the State Highway Administration.

It would be beautifully decorated with various colored lights at Christmas time and, during the rest of the year, with a string of white lights at the top symbolizing the statement, "on earth, peace, goodwill to men," or simply the concept of peace.

This is the symbol our children should see.

It will enrich their lives and ours, too.

Frank Wargny


Pub Date: 8/02/98

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