'The Fabulous Flying Fandinis' Editor's note: Because the new neighbors live in a strange house and have strange pets, Bobby fears visiting them and hesitates to join in the fun at their home.

Story Time

August 02, 1998|By Ingrid Slyder

When the Fabulous Flying Fandinis moved in, the neighbors said they were strange.

"Strange house," said Mr. Smith.

"Strange pets," said Mr. Jones.

Bobby Brown lived two doors down.

"The Fandinis are friendly folks," said Mom.

"With lots of children to play with," said Dad.

"No way, forget it," said Bobby. "They could be strange, have cooties, or worse."

But Dad just laughed. "Go on, go see."

Mrs. Fandini answered the door. "Come in, come in."

Inside, the house had no doors, nor stairs, nor walls. Only trapezes. Trapezes full of Fabulous Flying Fandinis.

"Jump on! Join in!" the children cried, as they whizzed above Bobby's head.

"No way," Bobby said. "I might get a nosebleed, a blister, or worse."

And when it was evening the Fandinis mounted their elephant and walked Bobby home.

"So tell us," said Mom, "did you try something fun?"

"So tell us," said Dad, "did you try something new?"

"No way," said Bobby.

Next morning the neighbors shook their heads. "Strange way to bring in the groceries."

"Come in, come in," said Mr. Fandini. "Just in time for breakfast."

A tattooed lady served pancakes on a trampoline.

"Jump on! Join in!" cried the children.

"Not today," Bobby said. "I might get queasy, lose a tooth, or much worse."

After breakfast the little Fandinis took turns bathing.

"Jump on! Join in!" they cried, as they dove without a splash.

"Forget it," said Bobby. "I could catch a cold, belly flop, or much, much worse."

And when evening came they mounted their unicycles and pulled Bobby home.

"Did you join in?" asked Dad.

"No way," said Bobby. "I might not like it."

"You'll never know unless you try," said Mom.

Next morning the neighbors scratched their chins. "Strange way to prune the trees."

"Come in, come in," said Mrs. Fandini. "Just in time to help with the laundry."

"Jump on! Join in!" cried the little Fandinis, daintily hanging their socks.

"Aw, gee," Bobby said. "I might get the hiccups or much, much, MUCH worse."

"Why not try something fun? Why not try something new?" asked Mrs. Fandini.

Bobby looked down at his shoes. At last he confessed in a tiny whisper, "I might look stupid."

The little Fandinis all spoke at once. "Not if we show you how - just ask! Come on! Hold our hands!"

With a friend holding tight to his left and his right, Bobby jumped on and Bobby joined in.

Hurray! Hurray!

And that night Bobby went home by way of the cannon.

THE FABULOUS FLYING FANDINIS by Ingrid Slyder. Copyright Ingrid Slyder, 1996. Published by arrangement with Dutton Children's Books division of Penguin Putnam Inc.

Pub Date: 8/02/98

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