Comfort and style suit him Smashing: Personal trainer Carroll Roberts knows how to exercise his well-developed good taste

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July 30, 1998|By Stephanie Shapiro | Stephanie Shapiro,SUN STAFF

Carroll Roberts is at his best singing and dancing and motivating his clients at Signature 2 Day Spa & Fitness health club in Woodlawn. The personal trainer's clientele is not the thong crowd, but the "30 and over crowd," primarily black women who are overweight and dressed in less than revealing togs. So you won't see Roberts, 43, all Spandexed out at the gym. He's unintimidating in loose gym shorts, a Signature T-shirt, and Nike cross trainers. It's an appropriate outfit not just for a torrid workout, but for a gospel aerobics session, as well as the club's Bible study meeting on Friday nights. But out in the community, at a charity event or a business meeting, it's a different story. You'll find Roberts styling in a beautifully cut suit and a smashing tie.

What is your fashion philosophy?

I always like dressing comfortably, whether in the gym or outside of the gym. I do like wearing nice clothes. I really like wearing suits and I like real nice ties. I'm a big tie buff.

How do you put your clothes together?

I like my outfits to flow. My tie and my socks are coordinated.

How do you keep up with the styles?

I kind of watch what goes on. I shop at Rothchild's up in Pikesville. The owner, Brian, up there, keeps me up to date. He also matches all of my outfits.

What lines of clothing do you like?

Jhane Barnes has a real nice line of men's suits, and I also like Terzouomo. I like nice lines, and a tailored look.

Are you venturing into any new color territories?

I've never gotten into wearing anything other than white shirts. And when you wear multicolored ties, you want people to see them. People have always said, "Dang, you wear some nice ties!"

Whose ties do you wear?

I like Stefano Milano ties and Bruno Piatelli ties.

For more casual "dressy" occasions, what do you wear?

I like linen suits, or nice silk wool blend clothes. And I'll wear a nice colored shirt.

Did your time living in California have an impact on your clothing?

I basically have always dressed fashionably. Everybody thinks California is ahead of everybody; it's really not. The only difference I saw, is that people are more into their bodies out there. Their bodies are their life.

You are very low key about your tastes, but Candid Closet does detect a weakness for good athletic shoes.

I've always basically bought Nike cross trainers. I'm in tennies 60 to 70 hours a week. I have probably eight pairs in all different colors and designs.

Why Nike?

I think probably Nike makes the best overall gym shoe. But when you get into Michael Jordan, or others, you're basically paying for the name; you're paying for a fad.

And the shoe laces?

Just regular, white shoe laces.

What color socks do you wear?

White socks, but not with my suits, though. That would be kind of geeky.

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Pub Date: 7/30/98

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