July 29, 1998

"What makes our democracy strong is not only what Congress may enact or a president may achieve. Even more, it is the quiet courage and uncommon bravery of Americans like J.J. Chestnut and John Gibson, and indeed every one of the 81 police officers who just this year have given their lives to ensure our domestic tranquillity."

- President Clinton

"As much as any soldier who ever landed on a beach, last week, the gatekeepers of our Capitol became the front-line guardians of our freedom."

- Vice President Al Gore

"At the top of this dome is a statue. Many argue about its symbolism. But it stands for the spirit of freedom. And today, the spirit of freedom is in this room because of these men."

- Senate Majority Leader

Trent Lott

"In passing, your husbands and your fathers had, in fact, brought together this nation."

- House Speaker Newt


"We understand that there are those who seek to disrupt the national legislative process or come here to commit acts of violence. It is important that those individuals understand that there are other officers like J.J. and John who are determined to fill the breach and hold tight the thin blue line which protects our congressional community and allows the public to safely visit their seat of government."

- U.S. Capitol Police Chief

Gary Abrecht

Pub Date: 7/29/98

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