Alcohol education training scheduled next week at Western Maryland College Course is geared toward counselors

July 29, 1998

Alcohol education training for human resources professionals and counselors working with youths, high school and college students is being offered Monday through Aug. 6 at Western Maryland College.

A few spaces are available for the intensive program co-sponsored by Junction Inc. and the Baltimore County Department of Health Bureau of Substance Abuse through a grant from the State Highway Administration.

The workshop will feature four of the programs developed by Prevention Research Institute (PRI): Talking With Your Kids About Alcohol; Prime for Life in the Workplace; Talking About Alcohol in a Youth Diversion Program (YDP); and On Campus Talking About Alcohol (OCTAA).

Workshop participants will need to teach a practice session to earn complete certification from PRI.

A fee is charged for the course. Participants will receive teaching materials, including an instructor's manual, 200 color slides, and study guides that will enable the newly trained instructors to target the prevention course to intended audiences, according to Bonnie Bosley, WMC's health education coordinator.

Through a grant, WMC requires all of its new students to take the OCTAA prevention course, Bosley said.

She also noted that several WMC faculty and staff members have been trained as OCTAA instructors.

The PRI programs promote lifetime risk reduction, not abstinence. The research-based education focuses on the biological, psychological and sociological factors of drinking.

"These programs do not preach, but do promote low-risk behaviors," she said. "The key is low risk vs. high risk. Unfortunately, many young people are high-risk drinkers right now."

Talking With Your Kids About Alcohol is geared toward helping parents reduce risks for their children, and helping them set and communicate effective expectations. Prime for Life is an adult prevention and intervention program.

The YDP curriculum is designed for youth ages 14 to 19 and works on prevention and intervention. OCTAA is a seven- to nine-hour course being used on college campuses in about 40 states.

The workshop is recommended for alcohol/drug prevention specialists, professors, teachers, counselors, ministers, college professionals, parents and medical professionals.

All participants will meet Monday and Tuesday for the basic program before breaking into targeted focus groups Aug. 5 and 6. Besides daily training, participants will need to spend one to two hours each night preparing for the next session.

Limited lodging is available off campus and on campus. Deadline for course registration is Friday.

Information: Bonnie Bosley, 410-857-2769.

Pub Date: 7/29/98

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