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July 27, 1998|By Tommy Cummings | Tommy Cummings,FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM

If you're one of those who finds fault with any kind of movie, the creators of Bad Movie Night ( might be looking for you - as a reviewer.

Bad Movie Night is a clearinghouse for reviews of bad movies and bad impressions of good movies. A movie can be an overhyped summer release or a 49-cent rental from the local video store.

Bad Movie Night was created last fall on the night that movie buffs Ken Wilson, Chris Bjuland and Scott Murdock, of Kansas City, Mo., saw "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

"We began making it our goal to see a bad movie each week and post our reviews," Murdock said.

The site's stated goal is to create a Bad Movie Academy, an elite group of 100 people who are allowed to post movie reviews on the site and participate in other events such as the annual Bad Movie Night Awards ceremony.

"To become a member, a person must complete a rather difficult 100-question trivia quiz and then submit a sample movie review from a list of bad movies of our choosing," Murdock said.

The site is similar to the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, which tracks the worst movies and performances of the year and awards its Razzies. The difference is that Bad Movie Night maintains a database of bad movies.

Bad Movie Night isn't the only site to examine terrible movies. Try Oh, The Humanity! The Worst Movies on Earth ( This elaborate site posts reviews of "B" movies, not "A" movies that are bad.

Pub Date: 7/27/98

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