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July 26, 1998

County takes strong stand on values

I moved to Carroll County 20 years ago because the majority of Carroll countians reflected my belief system.

Thank God that even though we live in a very liberal state, the people of Carroll County still stand strong for the values upon which this country was founded.

I believe in strong family values: pro-life, less government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, crime control and not gun control, returning to the basics in academics, parents controlling their children's education, zero tolerance of violence in the schools and protecting Carroll County's agricultural history.

The Republican Party has a gubernatorial candidate who reflects these values in Ellen Sauerbrey. Carroll County also is privileged to have a Republican 5th District candidate for the House of Delegates who reflects these same values in David Blair. Mr. Blair has been endorsed by Ms. Sauerbrey for office.

I would like for Carroll County to stand as a beacon for what is right in the Democratic-controlled House of Delegates. We need to send to Annapolis representatives such as Mr. Blair who reflect the values that make Carroll such an attractive place to live and raise a family.

I urge my fellow Carroll County Republicans to vote on Sept. 15, so we can continue the conservative tradition and take a stand in Annapolis for common-sense conservatism.

Kathy Richardson


Clear choices for delegate, commission

Now that the filing deadline has passed, voters in Carroll County will begin their assessment of the various candidates for office. Beyond commenting that Ellen Sauerbrey will likely carry the county by a huge margin, and that the Democrats are so feeble they can't recruit enough candidates, I would like to discuss two different races.

For House of Delegates, there are five Republican candidates. Almost certainly the two incumbents will be nominated, leaving the three challengers after one spot. I'm supporting David Blair, as I did in 1994.

Mr. Blair received the 5th District nomination that time. He came in fourth because Richard Dixon was re-elected. Mr. Dixon is not running this year.

Mr. Blair defeated the present Glendening-appointed Democrat by more than 6,000 votes. He can do it again.

Mr. Blair has been endorsed by Ms. Sauerbrey and is a common-sense conservative. He has pledged to help Ms. Sauerbrey reduce taxes; he doesn't believe the first thing an elected official should do is to look around to raise them.

In addition, Mr. Blair is no quitter. It was tough to lose last time, but he rolled up his sleeves and got to work. He knows that in Annapolis you don't always get everything you want. But when you don't, you keep trying, you don't quit the job you are entrusted to do. David Blair is the best person to fill Mr. Dixon's shoes.

As far as the commissioners are concerned, can the county afford another four years of the present mess in Westminster? What with tax increases, mismanaged growth, lousy appointments and constant turmoil, we need some fresh faces elected this year.

That's why I support Betty Smith. She is a small businesswoman, has experience with the state's attorney's office and has raised her children in the county. She knows we don't need people who have been part of the problem, whether it's the present or past commissioners or former members of the planning board.

Ms. Smith is bright, energetic and is going door-to-door, listening to voters' concerns. She doesn't have a hidden agenda and doesn't want the support of special interests. Ms. Smith doesn't do business with the county, so she's not looking to be commissioner for what she can get out of it. There's already too much of that going on. Betty Smith is like you and I, which is what we need this year.

Frank H. Rammes


Pub Date: 7/26/98

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