Library offers 'brain benders' program


July 26, 1998|By Cynthia Kamman | Cynthia Kamman,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

WHERE CAN you go that's air-conditioned, free, entertaining, in the neighborhood and always chock-full of information?

The Brooklyn Park library offers a Maryland Science Center program, "Brain Benders: Exciting Scientific Phenomena." The 60-minute program demonstrates scientific events that produce effects opposite of what participants might expect.

The program also demonstrates how the laws of physics apply to everyday actions. Participants can learn about the scientific method, air pressure and the center of gravity.

At 2 p.m. Thursday, participants will determine if it is possible to stand on light bulbs without breaking them, push a straw through a potato or drive a pencil through wood without breaking its point. If participants think these demonstrations are impossible, they may be surprised, said librarian Jo Mauritzen.

Information: 410-222-6265.

Receipts for schools

In September, you can start helping local schools by saving your grocery store receipts, according to Wanda Hartley, who coordinates the label collection program at Linthicum Elementary School and also helped Cindy Yale tally receipts at North County High School.

The grocery stores will change their receipts' color in September, and those receipts can be used to help the schools buy computers and other electronic equipment. Mail the receipts to your school or drop them off at the school office.

Last year, Linthicum Elementary gathered receipts and labels from Giant, Safeway, Super Fresh, Campbell's Soup cans and General Mills cereal box tops representing $540,000 worth of food and prescriptions. It allowed the school to buy a television and videocassette recorder, four computer cards, four educational CD ROMs, a projection screen and miscellaneous items.

North County High School raised more than $600,000 in receipts and bought three computer printers, a digital camera, hardware for graphing calculators that allows students to explore scientific principles by measuring light intensity and distances, two audio compact disc players, a ZIP drive, three overhead projectors and other items.

Patricia Gronkiewicz, the principal, said the school could not have afforded those items "without the various collections programs."

The Campbell's labels and General Mills box tops are year-round programs.

Information: Call any school.

Pub Date: 7/26/98

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