Some rock names don't quite roll

July 26, 1998|By J.D. Considine

People thought band names were wacky in the '60s, when all they had to deal with was acts like Moby Grape, ? and the Mysterians, and the Who. They didn't know how good they had it.

Anything goes in band names today. Bad spelling, bad grammar, bad taste - they're all there, and in abundance. Some bands have names even their fans are embarrassed to utter.

As a result, it's getting more and more difficult to come up with a combination of words too bizarre to be an actual band name. Don't believe me? Each of the following is an actual, played-gigs/made-records, rock and roll band. Read 'em and giggle.

Wacky Names: ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead; the Flaming Flames of Fire; Blonde Redhead; Vowel Movement; Ominous Seapods; New Wet Kojak; Iron Prostate; I Spit on Your Gravy; the Vulgar Boatmen.

Name Games: Coal Porters; Brian Jonestown Massacre; Lee Harvey Keitel; Elvis Hitler; REO Speedealer; Mr. T Experience; Hornets Attack Victor Mature; Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments; Jodie Foster's Army; the Pete Best.

Super Bands: Supertramp; Superdrag; Supergrass; Superchunk; Superconductor; Supersuckers; Super Junky Monkey; Super Furry Animals; Super Secret Symphony; Superstar; Superball; Supereal; Superfly; Super Deluxe; the Superjesus; the Supernaturals; Supernova; Supersnazz; Super Cat; Super Ted; Supersax; Super 400; Super 8.

Modest Bands: Adorable; Heavenly; Our Favorite Band; God's Favorite Band; Millions Love Us; Best Kissers in the World; Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine; Super Mr. Marvelous; the Godz.

Bands That Can't Count: 10,000 Maniacs (actual membership: 6); Vanity 6 (actual membership: 3); Ben Folds Five (actual membership: 3); Pizzicato Five (actual membership: 2); Spacemen 3 (actual membership: 4); Two (actual membership: 1).

English as a Second Language Bands (all from Japan): Thee Michelle Gun Elephant; the Mad Capsule Market's; Funk the Peanuts; Blankey Jet City; Mr. Children; Wack Wack Rhythm Band; UFO or Die.

Pub Date: 7/26/98

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