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July 23, 1998|By J.D. Considine | J.D. Considine,SUN POP MUSIC CRITIC

Eve 6 guitarist Jon Siebels says there was never any doubt "Inside Out" was going to be his band's first single. It seemed the obvious choice to everyone, thanks to its catchy combination of crunchy, punk-rock guitar and soaring power-pop melody.

"Everyone had the same feeling," he says. "There was no battle at all over what the first single was going to be."

Putting the song together, however, was a bit more of a struggle. Siebels and his bandmates, bassist/singer Max Collins and drummer Tony Fagenson, came up with the verses and chorus pretty easily, but as the Los Angeles-based trio got closer to cutting its first album, the three realized that the song needed something more.

"We were just going over and over it," says Siebels.

"We were at this really [lousy] rehearsal studio in Hollywood one night, rehearsing. We were there really late, trying everything we could, and couldn't think of anything."

Eventually, they called it a night and went home. "The next day, we came back and we were, like, 'Well, let's just start jamming,'" Siebels says. Almost immediately, they got an idea, and before long, it had developed into the bridge that gives the song a boost before the final chorus.

Siebels is understandably proud of his band's musical acumen. Eve 6 composes all its songs collaboratively (though Collins generally writes the lyrics on his own) and tends to work out its arrangements the same way "Inside Out" came together - by bashing out ideas in a rehearsal studio.

But then, the band has had plenty of time to hone that communal approach. Siebels, 18, and Collins, 19, have been playing together since 1993 and landed their record deal while still in high school. (Fagenson, 19, joined last year.)

"When we first started playing, all of our music was very pop/punk influenced," says Siebels. "Just big, loud powerchords. Then, as things went on, I started changing a little bit. And now that [our sound] has gone more pop, it still has that classic punk energy. Even though it's not punk rock per se."

Indeed not. In fact, there's almost a sensitive, singer/songwriter aspect to "Inside Out," the chorus of which finds Collins singing, "I would swallow my pride/I would choke on the rinds/But the lack thereof/Would leave me empty inside."

Very touching. But what's the phrase "lack thereof" doing in a pop song?

"There's a lack of 'lack thereofs' out there," answers Collins.

Eve 6 and more

Who: Eve 6, opening for Third Eye Blind and Our Lady Peace

When: Tomorrow, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Merriweather Post Pavilion, off Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia

Tickets: $25 pavilion seating, $16.50 lawn

Call: 410-481-6500 for tickets, 410-730-2424 for information

Sundial: To hear excerpts from Eve 6's new release, "Eve 6," call Sundial at 410-783-1800 and enter the code 6172. For other local Sundial numbers, see the directory on Page 2B.

Pub Date: 7/23/98

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