Now, isn't this sweet -- a Donut Peach


July 22, 1998|By Elizabeth Large

My vote for cutest fruit of the week is the Donut Peach, a descendant of a Chinese flat peach variety. It may look as if something squashed it, but it's sweet and juicy inside. Kids will love the Donut Peach because of its shape, but right now it comes with an adult-sized price tag: $2.99 a pound at Fresh Fields. If you can't find Donut Peaches in your local supermarket yet, they should start appearing by Aug. 1, says the distributor.

The safe consumer

It isn't always easy to find food safety information you can trust on the Internet. Now the Tufts University Nutrition Navigator ( has reviewed the most reliable sites. They are a good source for tips like "Don't buy cooked seafood if it's displayed in the same case as raw fish" -- this from the FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition (

Maryland Cookbooks

If you love Maryland cooking, you'll want to get a copy of the Maryland with Pride Cookbook Directory. It lists titles by local publishers and authors, and it's a great resource for those wonderful community cookbooks as well. The directory is available from Maryland with Pride, 217 E. Redwood St., Room 1053, Baltimore, Md. 21202. It can also be accessed on the Internet (

Pub Date: 7/22/98

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