Fox satellite foul-up dumps 'The Simpsons'


Fans of "The Simpsons" got to see only a few minutes of last night's show when Baltimore's WBFF-TV, Channel 45, lost its network satellite feed soon after the 8 p.m. show began.

"All I know at this point is that the FOX earth station dropped off line about 8 o'clock," said Joe DeFeo, Channel 45's news director. Station controllers in Baltimore filled in with public service announcements, then an "I Love Lucy" rerun.

The signal was restored at 8: 37 p.m., DeFeo said. "Lucy" vanished, replaced by "King of the Hill," already in progress.

Because the malfunction originated at the network's ground station in New York, network feeds to other FOX affiliates may also have gone dark, DeFeo said. Network officials at Fox in New York could not be reached for comment.

Pub Date: 7/20/98

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