Three questions about work on Route 27I have three...


July 19, 1998

Three questions about work on Route 27

I have three questions regarding the recent resurfacing of a part of Route 27 south of Westminster.

First, why was this done? My neighbor agrees with me that we saw no need for this work to be done. The road seemed fine to those of us who use it regularly.

Second, the new double yellow lines are solid all the way. The former lines were broken in a few spots where passing was legal. Now it looks as if there is no passing at all, even a straight stretch more than a half-mile long. Would I be in danger of a summons for passing in such a clear spot?

Finally, will the old paved shoulders be repaved?

As it is now, the new surface is 1 to 2 inches higher than the shoulders, creating a sharp edge where the new paving ends.

Andy Gardner


A Baltimore welcome for trapped traveler

Henry Emurian's piece on the lack of informative signs at BWI airport, which appeared in Opinion Commentary ("Circling BWI, but not in a plane," July 8), hit home with me.

ZTC My wife and I returned from a long trip late in the evening of July 6.

Being familiar with the airport, I had no trouble finding our luggage in the baggage claim area and getting to the satellite blue parking lot. I even remembered where my car was parked, but driving out of the lot was another story.

Because of construction, the exit lanes had been changed. First, I followed an exit sign that pointed to my left. Then, I found myself between two fences, with no way to turn around, when I suddenly saw the next exit sign pointing back in the direction I was coming from.

I drove further, past the temporary fence and turned around. Coming back, I again found the signs that pointed ahead were followed by signs pointing back. Again, I had to drive on before I could turn around.

Finally, I followed one of the buses out of the lot. Then, at the toll booth, I asked the attendant, "How does one find the exit from the lot?" I knew I was back home when the attendant said, "I guess the way you found it."

It was quite a contrast to the courtesy, friendliness and openness of all the people I encountered in Trinidad, where we had been during the preceding week.

Harry Ballantyne


Pub Date: 7/19/98

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