25 years ago: Farmer-members of Southern States...


July 19, 1998

25 years ago: Farmer-members of Southern States cooperative will observe the 50th anniversary of the organization at a meeting Aug. 14 at Big Pipe Creek Park. Service was first extended into Maryland in 1934. Southern States, Taneytown, which offers local service on Southern States supplies, was organized in 1942. During the past fiscal year (1972-1973), it had a dollar volume of more than $1.1 million. The local cooperative serves approximately 700 farmer-members. The Carroll Record, July 19, 1973.

100 years ago: Robert Grossnickle, living near Taylorsville, while out driving last Sunday evening in company with William Cover met with a severe accident. Mr. Grossnickle had fed his horse, and he and Mr. Cover were sitting in the buggy while the animal was feeding. The horse started off, and having no bit in his mouth with which to be guided, Mr. Grossnickle jumped on his back. This still more frightened the horse, and he ran to one side of the road and against a barbed wire fence. Mr. Grossnickle fell off, his head striking against a stone and he became unconscious in which condition he remained for some hours. He was taken to Mr. Nicholas Woods' house, near the scene of the accident. Democratic Advocate, July 16, 1898.

Pub Date: 7/19/98

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