Academy animals, Part 1WITHOUT SAYING a word, the Naval...

Sometimes Scene in the County

July 19, 1998|By Neal Thompson Don't even ask

Academy animals, Part 1

WITHOUT SAYING a word, the Naval Academy's spokesman -- Cmdr. Mike Brady -- showed reporters why the Navy doesn't need to be in the dairy farm business.

During a recent tour of the 865-acre farm in Gambrills, which the academy said will no longer be used to supply milk to midshipmen, Brady stepped very tentatively around cow manure and through muddy stalls.

Brady was wearing his bright-white summer uniform and later joked that he'd be spending the rest of his afternoon polishing cow poop off his shoes.

Explained Pete Petersen, manager of the dairy farm: "Cows go where they feel like going."

Academy animals, Part 2

ELIZABETH KUCIK, who works with Brady in the academy's public affairs office, was only trying to be nice when she offered to adopt the orphaned poodle that had jumped into the Severn River on the Fourth of July, apparently frightened by the night's fireworks.

She didn't think the gesture would land her and her dog, Dixie, on the front page of The Capital newspaper.

Now, when she takes Dixie for a walk in her neighborhood, people refer to her as "the one whose picture was in the newspaper."

AT THE Annapolis Courthouse Monday afternoon, a woman stopped by the security checkpoint as she headed out and asked the guard: "Do I have to put my bag through [the metal detectors] again?"

Bemused, the guard smiled and said, "No, you can take all the bombs out of this building that you want."

Cheryl Tan

Pub Date: 7/19/98

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