Ravens: No deal yet on stadium sponsor

July 17, 1998|By JON MORGAN

Ravens marketing chief David Cope said the team is focusing its negotiations on four corporations interested in paying to put their name on the team's new stadium, which opens next month adjacent to Oriole Park.

But, Cope said, the team may not reach agreement by the first preseason game, scheduled for Aug. 8, or even the first season.

"We're just not where we want to be with any of them yet," Cope said.

The team is seeking a multimillion-dollar packaged sponsorship in which a corporation not only would get its name on the building, but potentially on the uniforms of cheerleaders and on the screen during game broadcasts.

The "presentation sponsor" may even be allowed to sell its products in the stadium and otherwise associate itself with the team.

The team has declined to name the companies with which it is negotiating.

Pub Date: 7/17/98

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