Ravens aim to make noise with hi-tech pre-game show Music, movies featured at scoreboard unveiling

July 17, 1998|By Eduardo A. Encina | Eduardo A. Encina,SUN STAFF

There is thumping music -- rock, R&B and acid jazz. There's a Hollywood-style movie, starring football players and a huge, swooping raven.

It feels more like a 69,000-seat surround-sound theater than a new football stadium, and that's just how the Ravens want it when they play a pre-game film. The movie was the centerpiece of yesterday's stadium scoreboard unveiling, offering viewers a first look at the stadium's capability to be an entertainment venue, too.

A two-minute film will be shown immediately after the national anthem at each game. The movie features quick cuts of Baltimore and Ravens players in preparation, mixed with the swooping raven in the background and lines from Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem.

A blend of classical and rock music will blare before every coin flip, to help build anticipation for the game.

After the flip, another two-minute movie plays with shots of Ravens players in action, with the same blend of music, only more intense and quicker-paced.

The mini-movies were directed by Imaginary Forces, a Hollywood-based company that specializes in creating movie titles.

"Each of these titles is like a mini-movie before the movie that gets you prepared for what you are going to see," said John Modell, son of team owner Art Modell and executive producer of Raven Image, the club's entertainment component. "And that's what we want to do here to use this film to set the opening scene of our game and get people out of their seats and fired up."

Allan Charles, head of Charles Street Films, shot all of the local film and saw the final product yesterday.

"It is amazing and has to give the team a home-field advantage," he said. "When you looking at this movie as an opposing player, you're watching the beginning of a movie in that you are going to lose at the end."

Yesterday's presentation showed the stadium's capability to meet the audio-visual demands of a concert or other non-football event.

"This is the most state-of-the-art sound and audio system I've seen anywhere, at any concert or event anywhere," said Marcia Kapustin, the Ravens' video producer, the video director for the rock group U2's most recent tour. "They have given us the tools to work with to create the best entertainment experience possible."

Pub Date: 7/17/98

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