In shooting of youth, parents, government deserve the...

Letters to the Editor

July 13, 1998

In shooting of youth, parents, government deserve the blame

I am not surprised by the shooting in which Albert Sims is left the villain and Jermaine Jordan the victim ("Teen slain, elderly man held," July 7).

As the news articles so eloquently indicated, this incident is almost an exact replica of one that occurred nearly four years ago involving Nathaniel Hurt, another senior citizen.

In these incidents, blame should be directed at parents and local government. Parents are responsible for failing to teach their children to respect others, particularly elderly people.

Our government should be faulted for its lackadaisical attitude in addressing problems.

Senior citizens should not be hostages in their homes, and children should have safe havens in which to play and participate in age-appropriate activities.

In this incident, Mr. Sims should not be the target of blame, neither should the children. My question is, where were the parents?

James Haynes


Goldstein was the No. 1 fan for Terrapins' sports teams

Everyone has his or her special memories of Louis Goldstein, and we would like to add ours to those already expressed.

Louis was a loyal and avid fan of Maryland athletics. He and his wife, Hazel, occupied the corner seats in the press box at the Cole Field House, rarely missing a game. They were also always present at the Atlantic Coast Conference tournaments. Louie always came in his red coat, pockets stuffed with peanuts and hard candy to share with all. Time and again he would exhort the Terps to "Follow it up!"

In the fall he never missed a home football game and attended all the bowl games as well. Wherever we went, we were proud to have him along as our No. 1 fan.

His presence on the Board of Public Works was invaluable to the university as he championed those projects so important to its success.

Not only must Marylanders never forget him but we must strive to follow his marvelous examples of integrity, friendship and service to our state and country.

Barbara Kehoe

Jim Kehoe

Chesapeake Beach

Mr. Kehoe is a former athletic director at the University of Maryland.

'Attack' on Islamic prophet called false and malicious

We are shocked and disappointed because of your paper's false and defamatory attack on the Prophet Mohammed.

Robert O. Freedman wrote that Yasser Arafat "must stop saying that the agreements (Oslo I and Oslo II) reached so far with Israel are only 'tactical ones,' comparing them to tactical agreements made by Prophet Mohammed with the Jewish tribes of the Arabian peninsula. Mohammed ultimately reneged on those agreements after he had attained enough power to do so."

If such an ignorant statement had been made by an unschooled person, it could have been excused and forgotten. But coming from the president of the Baltimore Hebrew University, who also is a professor of political science, it is malicious and false propaganda, usually uttered by pro-Israeli media in their attempts to discredit everything Palestinian.

Part of the blame also falls on The Sun for publishing such inaccurate and inflammatory statements about Mohammed without first checking the facts.

For the record, the historical fact is that Mohammed never broke any agreement, regardless of strength or weakness. There is not one shred of evidence to back up these false allegations by Mr. Freedman.

We urge you to apologize to the 1.5 billion Muslims of the world, 9 million of whom are American citizens.

We also urge Mr. Freedman to study the authorities on the Hudaybiah Treaty such as Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Saad, Al-Hakim and Al-Bukhari.

This treaty was signed by the prophet and the Mecca pagans.

Al-Haaj Ghazi Y. Khankan

Westbury, N.Y.

Mr. Khankan is director of communication at the Islamic Center of Long Island. This letter was accompanied by a petition with 478 signatures.

Proud of accomplishments by World War II generation

I read with a great deal of interest Stephen E. Ambrose's Opinion Commentary article "A generation that preserved liberty" (July 3). The article was fantastic.

It's hard to believe what we in this generation have accomplished. To his list of accomplishments, you can add the Marshall Plan, the Truman Doctrine and more Nobel Prize recipients than any other country in the world. Even though Mr. Ambrose mentioned the GI Bill in the article, this bill is one of the greatest pieces of legislation put into law. This bill changed the face of America.

I am delighted Mr. Ambrose wrote this article so that those of us from the Depression-World War II generation can look back and be proud.

Allan T. Hirsh Jr.

Owings Mills

Maryland needs low taxes for people and government

I read with interest your article "Boaters applaud tax change" (July 6) on the boat tax repeal.

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