Orioles' ups and downs

July 12, 1998|By Joe Strauss

The Colorado gang - UP -MVP Robbie, Raffy and Cal did the Orioles proud at Coors Field on Tuesday. A bang-up audition for two pending free agents. Now, how about bringing some of the same stuff to Camden Yards?

The Ripken Rule - DOWN - If the Orioles truly plan to retool while billing themselves as a World Series challenger, Cal Ripken's status as highest-paid position player must become history. Brady Anderson didn't challenge the barrier. Rafael Palmeiro or his intended replacement certainly will. Hey, the Orioles once rTC refused pitchers anything more than three years as well.

Defense - EVEN - The Orioles have made the fewest errors of any team and have allowed a major-league low 13 unearned runs. So who keeps the statistic for balls through the hole and off the warning track?

AL umpiring credibility - DOWN - The display eight days ago at Yankee Stadium was a blemish on all hard-working men in blue. Crew chief Ken Kaiser's attempt to "protect" fill-in ump Marty Foster was an embarrassment. Even Yankees fans sent their apologies to Ray Miller.

Fred Manfra, WBAL - UP - Congenial O's color guy got Ripken to disclose his true feelings Thursday about the pending breakup of the club. Ripken pleaded at one point, "You're putting me on the spot." Well, yes.

Robin Ventura - UP - Remember the name.

Pub Date: 7/12/98

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