A model of successHere's the picture: A famous...



A model of success

Here's the picture: A famous photographer points her camera toward 30 of the country's most distinguished women dolled up in designer clothes.

That was Annie Leibovitz's assignment for the new Anne Klein ad campaign, a splashy insert in next month's fashion magazines. The celebrity quotient was high as singer Reba McEntire, actress Bebe Neuwirth and former Gov. Ann Richards of Texas got together with athletes, businesswomen and writers from around the country.

Although the idea of having stars double as models isn't new, the campaign - which was shot in four days in New York - is impressive because of its size and scope. Anne Klein, of course, has reason to want to draw attention to itself. The fall collection marks the debut of designers Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco.

You've never heard of him. You're likely to mispronounce his name. And Brazil, his homeland, isn't exactly a fashion hot spot.

Never mind all that. Tufi Duek (pronounced to-FEE do-ECK) is bringing his sexy, feminine designs to the United States. So far, stores in 15 cities are planning to carry the line. Next month, Ruth Shaw in Cross Keys will introduce his dresses and sweaters, which she describes as modern, body-conscious and architectural.

"He did some very good dresses," Shaw says. "They're simple, )) but they're not just regular shift-y dresses. They have workmanship."

His sheer wools, off-the-shoulder necklines and detailing have helped make the 40-ish designer a hit in Brazil, where he also has branched out into menswear, accessories and fragrances. One of the standouts in his fall collection is a black wool tank dress lined in white silk with stitching around the bodice.

Lip stains promise what women long for: color that actually stays on.

Stila's Lip Rouge, one of the most popular varieties, looks like a Magic Marker - and goes on like one, too. A combination of resins and dyes allows the hip-sounding shades like Pout (magenta) and Peck (reddish-brown) to last an average of five hours. The stain doesn't come off on the side of a coffee cup, and there's no waxy lipstick feeling, but oil or greasy foods will cause the color to fade.

At $26, Lip Rouge (coming soon to the Towson Nordstrom) isn't cheap. Here are some application tips to help make the most of it:

* For the smoothest finish, exfoliate lips by gently rubbing a toothbrush over them the night before.

* Feather the edge of lips with the thin side of the pen and then fill in the middle with the rounder side.

* Avoid blotting. The stain dries in 20-30 seconds.

* Don't combine with other lip pencils or glosses. This will remove stain.

* Store with tip down.

At least that's the philosophy behind the latest Sebastian hairstyling line, XTAH, which features products with names like Twisted Taffy, Crude Clay and Vinyl.

These creams, compounds and gels help create the disheveled, undone styles fashionable this summer - or "bed hair" as the look is sometimes called.

While unkempt may be in, we've still got to ask: Why pay between $14.95 and $18.95 for products - and spend precious primping time - to replicate a look we all wake up with anyway?

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