From reading to thinking Activity

July 12, 1998|By Susan Rapp | Susan Rapp,Village Reading Center

* In "Madeline's Rescue," there are 12 little girls in two straight lines. Ask your child how many girls were in each line. Say that the number 12 is also referred to as a "dozen." Ask your child to think about what items we use in quantities of 12. For example: 12 inches in a foot; 12 months in a year; 12 eggs in a dozen.

* Punch a small hole in the top and bottom of several uncooked eggs and blow out the contents. Using crayons or markers, help your child draw faces of some of the characters in "Madeline's Rescue" on each of the eggs. Then put each "puppet" on the point of a pencil and act out a favorite portion of the story. Your child may want to rehearse and perform this for other members of the family.

Pub Date: 7/12/98

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