State's grades improve in 2 economic categories


July 11, 1998

Maryland improved its grades in two of three categories on a widely watched economic score card this year but dropped a notch in "economic performance."

The Corporation for Enterprise Development, a Washington-based research group promoting business growth and social fairness, gave Maryland an A for development capacity, up from a C last year, and a B for business vitality, up from a D.

But moderate job growth got the state a C for economic performance, down from a B last year.

The group usually gives Maryland high grades for development capacity, and it did so again this year, citing the state's "top-notch technology resources and excellent infrastructure."

Maryland owes its business vitality grade this year to a huge increase in new companies and the fewest business closings in the country, the group said.

Among competing states, Virginia got a C in economic performance, an A in business vitality and a B in development capacity. Pennsylvania received a C in economic performance and A's in business vitality and development capacity.

Pub Date: 7/11/98

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