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July 09, 1998|By Vicky Edwards | Vicky Edwards,Chicago Tribune

We couldn't wait for it to arrive. We counted days, and then we counted minutes until that last bell rang. Finally it came: summer vacation!

"Sweet freedom!" you thought - except your parents keep telling you what to do. "Eons of time and no school!" you thought - only now it's July and you're totally bored.

OK, so the old song says, "There ain't no cure for the summertime blues." But KidNews thinks there are lots of cures for what ails you. So poke through our summer survival kit - it's full of things that will help you keep it together.

Outfox the family

Find a secret quiet place in your house or yard - in the basement, under a tree, under a stairway or whatever - and make it your own private retreat. If it's hot outside and your home is air-conditioned, build an indoor tent by putting a blanket or sheet over a table.

Fastest way to get a nagging parent off your back? Say OK, do the job and get outta the way! Fastest way to get a lecturing parent off your back? Look at him or her, nod your head, smile and say, "Yes, I know." Fastest way to get rid of a sibling? Lock yourself in your room, climb a tree or give the kid money to go buy ice cream.

When someone in your family is getting under your skin, do something physical to blow off steam: Take a bike ride, work in the garden or take a hike.

Battle boredom

Get in touch with your artistic side. Get a notebook and draw whatever you see this summer.

Clean a closet. Not only is it good for your spirits to see how awesome it will look, but you'll probably find cool stuff to mess around with while you're in there.

Put together a personal fitness program.

What would you like to be able to do by fall? List your goals (like "do 50 situps"), then set dates for some smaller goals ("do 15 situps by the end of July").

Bored with board games? Make up your own game. Base it on your experiences or your town or the things you learned in school last year and play it with your friends.

Ask a parent what his or her favorite movie was as a kid. Then check it out from the video store. Maybe you've missed a classic like "Heidi" or "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."

Start a new collection. Save up menus, gather autographs, create a scrapbook of newspaper articles about a subject you're interested in, buy some beads or take up coin or stamp collecting.

Find some of your old toys or dolls. You know the ones you haven't played with in at least a year? Grab them and play with them one more time. You'll either discover forgotten treasures or you'll know you've outgrown them and can pass them on to someone else.

Do something for a parent or older sib. In exchange, have him or her take you on a trip to a zoo, a museum, Great America or the beach. (Work the deal out in advance!)

Conquer car trips

Going on a long car trip? Here's some stuff to pack up so you won't get bored: magazines, cassette or CD player and music, hand-held video games, a journal so you can jot information about the trip and play games or draw in it, some gum or snacks and a map so you can trace your route with a highlighter.

With your family, play a favorite word game, tell stories (made up or old family stories) or play Hangman. Or play "Name that Tune" by hitting radio station buttons.

Pub Date: 7/09/98

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