Orioles ups and downs

July 05, 1998|By Joe Strauss

Les Miserables - DOWN - Felipe Alou owns an $11 million clubhouse and the ability to rip the Orioles' desire after a three-game sweep at Olympic Stadium. How much lower can it go?

Rafael Palmeiro - UP - His numbers said he's a cinch for the All-Star Game, but a political and imperfect selection process left him out until Mo Vaughn begged out with an injury. Palmeiro's performance has forced the club to upgrade his contract status to a priority.

Rocky Coppinger - UP - Amazing how a year away can raise a guy's stock. Coppinger's in Rochester now. He may be in the Orioles' bullpen by August.

Warehouse intrigue - DOWN - Fed up, general manager Pat Gillick is history. Is Kevin Malone in? Or is it Syd Thrift? Or Jim Bowden? A house divided must rebuild. Who's handed the blueprints?

B. J. Surhoff - EVEN - During a wasted season, his effort and performance have never been questioned. He's one of the few who acts as if he wants to be here. So why does his contract status continue to dangle?

The Dude - DOWN - Brady Anderson benefited from a public groundswell as a free agent. He's signed through 2002, but there is private disgust with his hugging the Mendoza Line. One faction would even move him to left field next year. Ray Miller no longer perceives him as a leadoff hitter.

Pub Date: 7/05/98

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