100 years agoRear-Admiral Ramsay, president of the dry...


July 05, 1998|By Robert M. Pennington from the archives of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

100 years ago

Rear-Admiral Ramsay, president of the dry dock commission, is not greatly impressed with Round Bay as a place for a dock or naval station, citing the need for a 30-foot channel all the way from the bay. -- The Sun, June 28, 1898.

Forty-one large Fourth of July boxes intended for the Annapolis soldiers of Companies A and G, 1st Regiment, were shipped and expected to arrive at Fort Monroe today. J. Edward Abbott accompanied the shipment. -- The Sun, July 3, 1898.

Last evening, the stable and cornhouse of ex-Judge Henry A. Tydings of North Severn, including four horses, were destroyed by fire. The building and contents were insured for $700. -- The Sun, July 9, 1898.

Recent Spanish prisoners of war have arrived in Annapolis and will be housed in the new cadet quarters. Eight officers and 12 seamen are on the sick list. -- The Sun, July 22, 1898.

The Comptroller of the Treasury has made the apportionment appropriated to the counties for the purchase of textbooks. In Anne Arundel County, white schools received $4,481.78 and colored schools, $1,641.15. -- The Sun, July 25, 1898.

Some of the Spanish sailors now in Annapolis have expressed a desire to enlist in the American navy. They like the climate and their kind treatment and are picking up English fast. -- The Sun, July 27, 1898.

A horse and bicycle tournament was held yesterday in Annapolis to benefit Edward Chapel. Seven horsemen and eight bicycle riders contested. -- The Sun, July 27, 1898.

Pub Date: 7/05/98

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