'Buster' feels the crunchTHERE WAS a pause in the Anne...


July 05, 1998|By Kris Antonelli 'It'll grow back'

'Buster' feels the crunch

THERE WAS a pause in the Anne Arundel County board room in Annapolis Monday when school board members reached the bottom of a long list of proposed budget cuts and came to "Buster the Bus."

"I am sure you all are wondering who Buster the Bus is," said school Superintendent Carol S. Parham.

Even in the middle of that long, tense meeting, during which $9 million worth of books, school repairs and programs were slashed to meet the budget, people had to laugh. Buster, too, was a victim of the cutting.

He's an undersized remote-controlled bus used to teach schoolchildren about bus safety. While Buster won't be junked, the board cut the $10,000 for his handler, a school employee who brings the bus to elementary schools. SOME RESIDENTS near Brooklyn Park's Harbor Valley community were incensed last week when a group of teen-age volunteers showed up Monday and began hacking down vegetation. Rumors that wetlands were being destroyed began circulating.

John A. Morris, county land-use and environmental affairs spokesman, said the volunteers had been sent to clean up a storm drainage area, as residents had requested in March.

"The county supervisor gave the wrong directions," he said. "The residents saw it and got upset."

But rest assured, he said, "It'll grow back."

Cheryl Tan

Trim doesn't cut it

AT THE Artistic Hair Design salon in Pasadena a stylist finished up on an older gentleman Wednesday and held out a mirror so that he could assess the results.

The patron, bald on top, who had asked for a trim of the gray fringe around his head, looked intently into the mirror and commented with a straight faced, "You took out all the curl."

Pub Date: 7/05/98

Rosemary Armao

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