Like 'Garfield and the Mysterious Mummy' by Jim Davis...

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July 05, 1998

" I like 'Garfield and the Mysterious Mummy' by Jim Davis because it is funny and there is a part where Garfield tricks Odie into believing a real bear is behind him. There's another part where Garfield said in 1903 that was way before I was born and before you arrived from Planet Weirdo."

Grace Hahn, Grade 3

Pine Grove Elementary

"The book I like best is 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr. Seuss. This book is about two cats. One of them tries to make the other eat green eggs and ham. I like this book because it is funny. The book teaches me to try things you haven't tried before."

Scott Tittiger, Grade 2

Riverview Elementary

"I like 'Encore For Eleanor' by Bill Peet because it makes lots of sense to me. The author did a great job writing about his life. The book made me want to turn the page and read more. Also, I like when Eleanor draws a really good picture of a lion."

Lashad Ysaguirre, Grade 3

Seneca Elementary

Pub Date: 7/05/98

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