150 years ago in The Sun July 4: THE FOURTH OF JULY...

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July 04, 1998|By Fred Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun July 4: THE FOURTH OF JULY -- This day, another anniversary of national independence, recurs to the memories and the hearts of the people; to the memories of but an honorable few, now rapidly passing away; to the hearts, it is to be hoped, of all.

The worthies of the revolution are now becoming few and far between upon the earth, and in a few more years at most, the last link between the early strife and quivering hope of the past and the active scenes of the present will be broken.

100 years ago in The Sun

July 4: The firecracker so extensively used by Americans in celebrating Independence Day is a Chinese invention, and is supposed to have been used in China in pre-historic times as universally as it is now used in the Flowery Kingdom upon nearly all ceremonial occasions.

50 years ago in The Sun

July 4: By official proclamation, President Truman yesterday authorized the display of the United States flag "at all times during day and night" at the Fort McHenry National Monument, thereby giving full legality to a custom which has been in effect at the fort since January 31, 1947. At only one other place, on the Capitol Building at Washington, does the flag fly 24 hours each day on property owned or administrated by the United States Government.

Pub Date: 7/04/98

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