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July 03, 1998


Our sun is now in a constellation of stars called Cancer. Cancer is the Latin word for crab. But what does that have to do with the disease that has the same name?

Cancer tumors sometimes have tangles of veins around them. Ancient doctors thought they looked like the tangled legs of a crab and named the disease cancer.

Game Show of Life

Crabs have the same number of legs as:

A - insects

B - spiders

C - Barbra Streisand times 4

D - 2 cows

E - the Rockettes

Answer: Crabs look a lot like spiders that can live underwater. All crabs have 8 legs, which is the answer you'd get from selections B, C, and D.

What is...

...a solar system?

Amanda Fritz

Cincinnati, Ohio

We don't have a name for planets orbiting other suns yet. Maybe we can call them stellar systems. Another name for our sun is Sol, which is an old Latin word. It's also the root of the word solar, which means having to do with the sun. The solar system is all the stuff that orbits our sun: nine planets, lots of asteroids and comets, and all of us.

Why do I...

...have a big gray spot and I'm just 11 years old.

Max Brunegard

Alpine, New Jersey

A lot of people put a streak in their hair on purpose! Inside each of our hairs is an area called the cortex and that's where our hair color is. Gray hair happens when a hair root stops making the pigment for the hair it's growing. It happens for a lot of reasons. One reason is heredity. You might have just inherited it from your parents.

Pub Date: 7/03/98

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