Talking ex's, O's, football it must be July

July 01, 1998|By John Eisenberg

Opinion: Do not trade Rocky Coppinger. Do not trade Nerio Rodriguez. Do not trade Radhames Dykhoff. Do not give up on Sidney Ponson. Just have patience and let them grow, Orioles. Enough young pitching has gotten away.

Fact: Yikes, there's a football game at Camden Yards in 39 days.

Opinion: The over-under line on how long the Parcells-Testaverde marriage stays happy? How about nine games?

Fact: The Orioles have won 27 of 71 games since April 15.

Opinion: It had to happen, but the departure of Terry Mathews robbed the clubhouse of one of the nicest guys.

Fact: NBA owners will receive every penny of their television revenue for the 1998-99 season, regardless if games aren't played as a result of the lockout.

Opinion: Sports fans have lost all patience with work stoppages, as the fallout from the '94 baseball strike shows. The NBA will suffer mightily if next season is interrupted.

Fact: An ex-Orioles starting rotation of David Wells, Curt Schilling, Pete Harnisch, Jimmy Haynes and Mike Morgan has a 34-18 record.

Opinion: If the Maryland Racing Commission has a clue, it will agree to lower Secretariat's winning Preakness time to 1: 53 2/5. Everyone knows the time currently listed (1: 54 2/5) is inaccurate, the result of a malfunctioning electronic timer.

Fact: That wasn't a ghost, that was Anthony Telford pitching in relief for the Expos last weekend some eight years after he last won a game for the Orioles.

Opinion: If they keep one premier free agent while retooling for 1999, the Orioles should keep Rafael Palmeiro, around whom their batting order is built.

Fact: A proposed 1999 baseball schedule has the Orioles playing six games against the Phillies (three home, three away) and 12 games against other NL opponents.

Opinion: Next up for the Fox Dodgers: New uniforms with hologram numbers.

Fact: The Orioles will complete their schedule of games at Yankee Stadium this season before the Red Sox play one at Camden Yards.

Opinion: World Cup final: Brazil 2, Germany 1.

Fact: The Orioles' 45th loss of 1998, which occurred Sunday in Montreal, came almost two months earlier than their 45th loss of 1997, which came on Aug. 26.

Opinion: Firing a good lacrosse coach because he hadn't won a national title isn't exactly the proudest moment in Johns Hopkins history.

Fact: Michael Olowokandi, the first pick in the recent NBA draft, didn't even pick up a basketball until five years ago.

Opinion: The Ravens, who control the scheduling of events at their new stadium, should look into planning a big-name lacrosse doubleheader in the spring. It could draw 30,000 fans.

Fact: How about some good baseball news: Former Oriole Gregg Olson has regained his old form, with 11 saves and a 3.71 ERA in 30 appearances for the Diamondbacks.

Opinion: If you ever get a good look at Casey Martin's withered leg, you'll never say another word about him having an unfair advantage riding in a cart.

Fact: The '98 interleague record through last night: AL 99 wins, NL 97.

Opinion: Women's tennis has all sorts of new, young talent to root for, but I still cheer for Monica Seles and her style, grace and courage.

Fact: The sad Florida Marlins are letting fans exchange a ticket stub from a recent game for a ticket to another game.

Opinion: Hopefully, we'll see fewer high school players jumping to the NBA now that two of the three in this year's draft slid all the way to the second round.

Fact: The U.S. soccer team is 1-7-1 in the World Cup in the '90s.

Opinion: As much as U.S. soccer coach Steve Sampson deserved to get fired, his players' criticisms were too harsh. Soccer players never take responsibility when a team goes bad. It's always the coach or the "technical director" or the travel arrangements, etc.

Fact: An ex-Orioles bullpen of Jose Mesa, Esteban Yan, Jay Powell, Telford, Randy Myers and Olson is 17-16 with a 4.11 ERA.

Opinion: Mark McGwire's run at Roger Maris' home run record is RTC baseball's biggest story, but Juan Gonzalez's run at Hack Wilson's seemingly unbreakable record of 190 RBIs in a season is potentially more remarkable.

Fact: We're hearing that the Maryland Terrapins will start the next college basketball season ranked in the Top 10.

Opinion: Bud Selig, permanent commissioner. A new NBC sitcom.

Pub Date: 7/01/98

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