Make a game of matching a picture with a sound Activity

July 01, 1998|By Susan Rapp | Susan Rapp,Village Reading Center

Ask your child what is his or her favorite doll or stuffed animal at home. Discuss the various toys William played with in the story. Next, play this sound game with pictures of these toys.

Have your child cut out or draw a picture of a doll, a ball (basketball, baseball, etc.) and a train. Use a 9"-by-12" tag board or cardboard. Holding the board lengthwise, make three columns and paste each picture across the top (left, middle and right).

Cut out small pictures of objects that start with the sounds of each of the stimulus pictures. Place the pictures in a large envelope (or lunch bag) and paste the envelope to the back of the cardboard. The child takes pictures from the envelope and places them under the appropriate stimulus picture. Be sure they say the sounds and discuss why each picture belongs under a particular picture on the card. Add or change the pictures as your child becomes more adept at recognizing the sounds.

Pub Date: 7/01/98

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