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July 01, 1998

Meet Tom Glavine

Tom Glavine of the Atlanta Braves has won 91 games over the past five seasons. That's more than any major-leaguer. His ERA in April was 1.06 -- the best in the National League.

After high school, Tom was drafted by the Atlanta Braves and the NHL's Los Angeles Kings. Tom chose baseball over hockey. "I thought my chances of having a long sports career would be better as a pitcher, " he says. "Pitchers don't get bodychecked by rugged defensemen!"


The Ravens are leading the Redbirds in the fourth quarter of a high school basketball game. Guard Seymour Cone of the Redbirds has the ball. Seymour is only 4 feet tall. He stops under the basket. Two 6-foot Ravens close in on him.

Seymour is in a jam. He's too short to shoot over the defenders, and he can't find an open teammate for a pass.

Suddenly, the Redbird center grabs Seymour and lifts him up to the basket. Slam! Seymour stuffs the ball through the net.

Does the basket count?

ANSWER: No. it is illegal to pick up a player and help him score. The Redbirds get a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct. The Ravens get two free throws and possession of the ball.

Pub Date: 7/01/98


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