Air pollution is expected to reach seriously unhealthy levels today

June 25, 1998

Air pollution in the Baltimore area is expected to reach seriously unhealthy levels today. The forecast calls for smog particles to reach more than 125 parts per billion, high enough to violate a federal anti-pollution law, make some people feel ill and pose health risks for children, the elderly and people with heart and breathing problems.

Today's forecast calls for 90-degree, sunny weather to combine with pollution from cars, smokestacks and lawn mowers, creating ground-level ozone, or smog. The effects "are like a sunburn deep inside the lungs," said Maryland Department of the Environment spokesman Quentin W. Banks.

People should help reduce pollution by taking public transportation, sharing rides, postponing lawn-mowing and refueling cars after dark. Everyone should limit strenuous exercise outdoors.

Children, the elderly and people with heart or breathing problems should stay indoors as much as possible, MDE recommends.

Pub Date: 6/25/98

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