An accidental overdose -- a combination of...


June 21, 1998

EMMITSBURG -- An accidental overdose -- a combination of alcohol and morphine -- caused the death of a Mount St. Mary's College student April 4, according to the coroner in nearby Adams County, Pa.

Friends and roommates had told authorities that the victim, 21-year-old Michael L'Heureux of Camp Springs, had ingested morphine and consumed 20 beers in 12 hours before falling asleep on the floor.

When they tried to awaken him, they found that he had vomited during the night and his heart was not beating. L'Heureux was pronounced dead at Gettysburg Hospital. Results of the coroner's toxicology tests were made public last week.

Quadruplets expected to arrive home in mid-July


FREDERICK -- Cindy and John May are awaiting the arrival home of their new family -- quadruplets born May 23 at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville -- in mid-July.

The mother was confined to bed, nauseous and in almost constant pain during the last month of a difficult 30-week pregnancy before the delivery of three girls and a boy -- premature but in relatively good health.

The couple had tried for nine years to have children, and turned late last year to in vitro fertilization, in which eggs fertilized outside the womb are implanted in the uterus. In nature, one in every 700,000 births results in quadruplets, but fertility drugs and in vitro techniques have increased the number of multiple births.

Pub Date: 6/21/98


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