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Scene and Heard in Anne Arundel

June 21, 1998|By Mary Johnson Hot weather is the pits

New maestro digs jazz

THE ANNAPOLIS Symphony Orchestra's new conductor, Leslie Dunner, blew into town recently to handle some administrative tasks for the orchestra and impressed a crowd of jazz fans by showing up at Chesapeake Music Hall in Annapolis for a Dixieland concert.

He clearly relished the music of Doc Hochman's Dynamic Dixieland Band, staying until the last note was played, then joining the crowd in a standing ovation.

Later, in the parking lot, I teased him about blowing the stereotypical image of the classical musician. With a warm smile, he said: "I'm not stuffy." IT'S DEFINITELY hot out there, as the sun bakes the pavement of West Street in Annapolis.

How hot? Somewhere around 90.

Hot enough that a woman wearing a sun dress walked down the street with her arms straight up.

Cooling her armpits in the breeze, she told her companions.

Andrea Siegel

In dog years, computer is 28

I RECENTLY bought a Macintosh computer from a friend who had gotten a newer model.

I find we're paddling, not actually surfing, the Net, so I went to a computer store to see about upgrades that might speed up processing.

A clerk at the Glen Burnie store pulled out two books, started flipping through the pages and asked, "How old is your computer?"

"Four years old," I said. I might as well have said 44.

"Oooh," she groaned. "I don't know if we'll have that in these books."

Computers, I learned, age faster than dogs.

So much for an upgrade.

TaNoah Morgan

Counting down the hours

AT MARSHALL'S in Annapolis last week, an employee came over the intercom to announce: "Attention, shoppers. It is now 3: 30. The store will be closing in exactly six hours."

"I'm running for the door," one customer yelled.

On the way out, a cashier told me the young man on the intercom had a good reason to be watching the clock: It was his last day.

Kevin Kohler

A dime's worth of water

I ASKED for an ice water to go along with two pretzels ordered at Auntie Anne's in Annapolis Mall and was informed that water would cost me an additional dime. "OK," I agreed. "We're big spenders today."

The clerk told me, "You'd be surprised how many people decline after we tell them." I couldn't resist retorting, "They must see a principle behind the thing."

Kevin Kohler Pub Date: 6/21/98

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