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June 21, 1998|By Karin Remesch

Mission: To preserve the industrial, maritime and labor heritage of Baltimore and the mid-Atlantic region and to educate the public on the vital role of industry in the history, culture and urban fabric of the Baltimore area.

Latest accomplishment: The completion of "Maryland Milestones," an exhibit dedicated to Maryland industrial firsts - the invention of the Linotype machine, the first mass-produced hand-held drills, and mass productions of umbrellas and parasols. Also, an expanded working print exhibit with artifacts ranging from an 1828 hand-hoe press to current color photocopier technology.

On the horizon: Today, children and their fathers and grandfathers can learn about aviation through hands-on projects and exhibits during a "Father's Day Model Airplane" program. And June 26, the museum will open two new galleries. "Cinema," an art-deco-inspired orientation theater, will show "Maryland Manufacturing" as an introduction to the museum and the importance industry has played and plays in Baltimore. "Gallery," a changing exhibit space for temporary shows, will feature "Maryland's Vanishing Lives" through Sept. 7.

Ray Piechocki, chairman of the board of directors: "I am extremely excited to see the progress that the museum has made in the last few years, and I'm looking forward to the future. The museum is a unique hands-on experience for both children and adults. ... It gives visitors an immediate relationship with the past."

Members of the board

F. Martin Anson

Richard E. Baker

Sanford M. Baklor

Ronald W. Bray

Angela M. Beltram

Charlene Bonham

Dr. Oscar B. Camp

Mark D. Case

William H. Cole III

Paul J. Coughlin Jr.

John W. Dillon

Stuart H. Dobson

Betsy H. Hess

Wallace J. Hoff

Robert L. Holmes

John W. Katchan

George T. Kirkley Sr.

Louis H. Kistner

Laura E. LeMire

H.V. Leslie

E. Ray Lichty

Edward G. Novak

Kevin O'Connor

Wayne O'Dell

Robert Patterson

Donald E. Roland

Thomas H. Russ

David K. Schoenen

William C. Stifler

J. Thomas Wellener

Wendy Widmann

Barbara Wilks

Suzanne G. Wolff

Pub Date: 6/21/98

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