Newsweek talks to Pauline Kael

A tip from ... Ann Hornaday

June 21, 1998|By ANN HORNADAY

Pauline Kael, the legendary movie critic, retired from the New Yorker in 1991. This week she is interviewed in a special edition of Newsweek. Kael levels her gaze at some recent pictures and some current stars, deploying her characteristically trenchant prose:

On Jim Carrey: "An inspired rough-and-tumble comedian." On Anne Heche: "She has a lovely, fragile Pierrette quality, and she's a fearless actress. But she's got an obstacle in her career. Because, realistically, it may be difficult for some people to accept certain kinds of knowledge about a performer's off-screen life." On "As Good As It Gets": "It was compelling to watch, but it's pretty primitive movie-making. This man who's cruel to the dog at the beginning gets laughs that way, then becomes endearing by becoming kind to the dog."

Newsweek's "A Century on Screen" is on newsstands through Aug. 10.

Pub Date: 6/21/98

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