Alternative healers plan peace march in Annapolis Holistic rally will focus on inner tranquillity

June 18, 1998|By Andrea F. Siegel | Andrea F. Siegel,SUN STAFF

An organization of alternative healers hopes to draw enough people to encircle the State House at its Inner Peace March on Sunday afternoon.

The Annapolis Healing Arts Alliance is sponsoring the first-time rally, which begins at noon at Annapolis City Dock and ends in midafternoon at Lawyers Mall. All events are free.

"We hope it is something memorable for Annapolis," said Alice Yeager, president of the 160-member network. "We hope it will inspire other areas to do similar events."

The Annapolis area has a rapidly growing holistic and alternative healing community. Several AHAA members will demonstrate their services.

The march is designed to focus on creating peace from within, and participants are encouraged to sign an inner peace treaty.

"It is a creative treaty with yourself. You are really acknowledging for yourself your inner world," Yeager said. "We have an inner mechanism for healing, but we also have an inner sense for peace."

Yeager said she chose the date and location of the march for their symbolism. She wants to honor the country's Founding Fathers, who ratified the Treaty of Paris in 1783 in Annapolis to end the Revolutionary War, and their visions of peace on Father's Day, she said. And June 21 has the longest daylight of the year, which Yeager said is symbolic of inner light.

Marchers are to proceed from City Dock to State Circle, where participants are to read the inner peace treaty in unison. A peace dove kite will be carried around the circle, to be followed by music, dancing, talks and demonstrations.

Pub Date: 6/18/98

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