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June 17, 1998

Meet David Robinson

David Robinson is the San Antonio Spurs' 7' 1" center. He--finished the 1997-98 season among the NBA's Top 10 leaders in scoring average (21.6), rebounds (10.6), and blocks (2.63) per game. David, a nine-year NBA veteran, is one of the league's hardest workers.

David graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with his degree in mathematics. He is a math whiz and talented musician. "The Naval Academy taught me to set goals," says David. "I feel I can do whatever I want with my life."

So far, David is proving he can do plenty!


I'm Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals. I smashed 58 home runs last season. I hit the longest major -league home run of 1997. To figure out how far the ball traveled, multiply my total number of homers by the number of starting players on a baseball team. Save that number! Now, multiply the number of letters in my first name by four. Add that number to the total you saved.

Pub Date: 6/17/98

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