Whether stocks rise or fall, investors can make money

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SUGGESTIONS about investing and handling your money, regardless of whether the market is bearish or bullish.

"The typical stock fluctuates 50 percent from its low to its high every year. If a stock appears overvalued, it's best to wait." (Better Investing)

"What to do in a 'down' market? Don't panic. We often have mild corrections, and the best stocks in your portfolio will resume their upward trends." (Cabot Market Letter)

"Intel Corp. stock, which trailed the market this year, should soon begin to outperform." (S&P Outlook)

"American Home Products Corp. -- Anacin, Dristan, Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, etc. -- offers an outstanding growth opportunity, the best value in our drug and pharmaceutical universe." (Gruntal & Co.)

"If you think stocks are wildly overvalued, consider 'selling short,' namely, borrowing and selling shares in the hope that the price falls so you can buy them back cheaper and pocket the difference." (Fortune magazine)

"Don't fight the Fed; don't fight the tape." (Zweig Report)

Pub Date: 6/10/98

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